Pom Dance Classes

Pom Dance Classes

Looking for pom dance classes in Mansfield?

Try Topaz Jewels Studio and learn the art of the pom.

Pom Dance Classes – Teachers Bio

We’re Kat and Becky! We have been dancing together for as long as we can remember additionally being best friends for about the same amount of time!


Disco dancing was where our love of dance started (who’s didn’t?!).

We were fortunate enough to have an amazing dance teacher in school which meant we started studying dance through GCSE, A-Levels.
Furthermore we ended up graduating University with dance degrees (sadly we did not attend the same uni’s).


We always knew that our passion was the commercial side of dance. In addition having both getting a taste for cheerleading, before, during and now after uni, we have completely fallen in love with it!

As a result we decided to set up our own cheerleading squad – Notts Hotshots which has been going strong for over five years now!


Becky is the creative one in addition to a fantastic choreographer!

Kat can pick up routines straight away whilst additionally bringing a lot of girly sass!


Pom dance is one style of the cheerleading world!

It incorporates a lot of technique that is learnt through ballet and contemporary dance although you don’t realise you are doing it!

You of course use Poms which helps you create the patterns and imagery you need to create whilst dancing!

Pom dance is so much fun and is sure to get your heart pumping!

With the majority of focus being on arm movements you will definitely feel the burn and see that toning happening over time!

Come give it a try – you are never too old to be a cheerleader!

Pom Dance Classes - Mansfield
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