About Us

About Us

Approximately six years ago, I joined a burlesque troupe in Mansfield.
As a result i fell in love with the art of the tease. Performing, the glitz, the glam and just being part of something felt and was so special.

Going Solo

After about four years, In spite of the fact i was the shy one that you least expected, i did my first solo. I’d always had a love for dance and particularly slow dance, so I went for it!
Even with all the nerves, shaky legs and feeling sick; i loved it. As a result I realised that I really wanted to do my own thing….. And so i made the very difficult decision of leaving my troupe. Because all of my performances had mainly come through the troupe, the decision was a very scary big step.
I will always appreciate those that got me to where I am, in truth it was the best move I had ever made.
Although I missed being apart of something, additionally i knew I didn’t want to go back.
With this in mind I decided that I would bring my own troupe together and again do something I’d never done before, teach burlesque. At First it did feel a little overwhelming but I thought ‘well you can but try’.
I started advertising for ladies to see what interest there was. I was fortunate enough to have a studio we could use and i delivered my very first class in March 2018.
Starting with just five lovely ladies, the fabulous Topaz Jewels where created. Since then we have gone from strength to strength from one full class to a second class.

New Studio

Now for the next step a studio! People may think I’m a little crazy and maybe I am, but I’m also not a person that just sits back and waits for things to happen. I strive towards everything I want very determined and focused when I get going.
This will be my first studio exclusively for adults. All classes will be for 18+ so no children. A great escape from the hustle and bustle of home life.
All classes will be from beginners – advanced, most importantly, everyone is welcome.
Emilia Topaz